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In order to provide you with information that is of interest to you, we may review your purchase history and the interests you have reported. To give you a better idea of ​​your interests, we may also combine the information you provide with the data we collect through your visits to our website and mobile services.




We also use information collected through cookies and other technologies to target advertising and service content, as well as e.g. for product development and service improvement. Cookies allow us to identify the browser you are using as well as certain browser-related information about your use of our pages.

We also use cookies, which allow us to target our own and selected third-party marketing on non-service websites, for example, based on what items you have searched for or what pages you have viewed on the service. These cookies are often provided by a trusted third party.

Such information collected through cookies and other technologies cannot be returned to an individually identifiable individual. However, as permitted by personal data law, information obtained through the use of cookies and other technologies may be combined with personal information obtained from the user in connection with the use of the service.


Your browser will most likely accept cookies by default, but you can change your browser settings if you don't want information about your browser behavior to be used. Blocking the use of cookies means that not all functions of the service can be used. If you block ad targeting, you will see as many ads as before, but advertising is not selected based on your interests. ”

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